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"El Tiempo" Las Vegas

Art Director

Jorge Arturo Betancourt Polanco ["Polanco"], was born in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico in the summer of 1964, but it was the hills and beaches of Escuinapa, Sinaloa, MX. , That saw him grow, which is why he likes to describe himself as a Jalisco-Sinaloense.  From a very small age he showed his inclination to drawing and the arts and following his dreams he obtained a degree in graphic design from the University Autonoma de Guadalajara (UAG).

        After finishing his studies he integrated himself into the professional scope as a graphic designer later on as an art director of different art departments; publication agencies, magazines, and newspapers.  He also ventured into the governmental range in the area of social communications.

        Today he works as the Art director for alternative publications of the "Las Vegas Review-Journal" and the Agency for Digital Solutions "ADUS" in the city of Las Vegas NV. (USA) Where he has resided since the late 90's.  In his work in editorial design he has been recognized with several awards from the NAHP (National Association of Hispanic Publications) for his work in the design of magazines and newspapers.

        On top of his graphic design work, which he has combined parallel with art, a discipline that Jorge maintains to this day, Jorge has started to venture into the area of literature as an author and illustrator of children's books.  Publishing some work that has obtained international recognition, among those are the "moonbeam Children's Book Awards" and "Mom's Choice Awards".  Jorge's work was also one of the finalists for the "Book of the year" award from ForeWord Magazine.

        In the area of arts, "Polanco" has had numerous exhibitions in different cities of the Mexican republic as well as in the United States.  His work as an artist in which he reflects "the joy of seeing things with eyes filled with magic", Is a sort of invitation to return to childhood, to continue to marvel at all that in front of us.  This work has been distinguished with numerous awards and editorial articles published in prestigious mediums of communication in Mexico as well as in the United States.

        As well as his degrees in graphic design, Jorge A. Betancourt-Polanco holds diplomas in "Appreciation of Contemporary Mexican Art" a class given by the highly recognized art critic Raquel Tibol and "Techniques of Artistic Representations" given by the acclaimed artist Joel Nakamura.  Jorge also takes an active participation in different art and illustration workshops in order to maintain his work fresh.

        In regards to education "Polanco" has imparted several conferences about Graphic design in high schools and colleges, he has presented his books and implemented art dynamics in several education centers in Mexico as well as in the United States.

        As a promoter of culture and art Jorge has participated in the logistics and implementation of various cultural festivals as well as art exhibitions in Mexico and the United States.  He has been a part of the judges panel for several art and editorial design contests, such as his participation in the awards that the Las Vegas Review Journal gives to the best of journalism and editorial design in the state of Nevada and the International Contest of Hispanic Artists for Children [HIChAE].

        As part of his participation in the community in which he resides, Jorge has formed part of several organizations of artistic, cultural and social promotion as an integral part and by supporting them with his graphic design and artistic talent.  He has been a part of Organizations such as, Fiesta Las Vegas, Vegas Valley Book Festival, Tacorama, The Festival of Latin Theater of Las Vegas, The Hispanic Museum of Nevada, The Latin Chamber of Commerce, College of Southern Nevada, Nevada State College, The Mariachi Festival of Las Vegas and the Mexican Consulate in Las Vegas, as well as many others.

        Polanco, the name which he signs to his work, believes like many other artists that talent needs discipline to follow its path.  He defines himself as an impassioned worker of images and a tireless fabricator of fantasies, those ideas are what he tries to reflect in every and any project he works on, knowing that all that surrounds us is not what it is… it’s the way we choose to see it.


I don’t use the elements or

colors to take people inside themselves or for people to analyze. I just like to have fun when i do art, and I want people to have fun viewing it...”



"Dreamygirl's Field of Wishes"


"Granny McFanny"

  • 2009 Silver Medal Winner - Children’s Picture Books Humor

  • 2009 Silver Medal Winner - Children’s Picture Book Distinctive Illustration





  • 2009 Gold Medal Winner - Children’s Picture Book Bilingual

  • 2009 Gold Medal Winner - Children’s Picture Book Distinctive Illustration






  • 2008 Gold Medal Winner - Spanish Language Book






  • 2014 Bronze Award - Outstanding Design Newspaper, Broadsheet Format

  • 2014 Silver Award - Outstanding Section Design

  • 2010 Bronze Award - Outstanding Spanish Language Weekly Newspaper

  • 2010 Silver Award - Outstanding Section Design

  • 2011 Silver Award - Outstanding Ad Promoting The Publication

  • 2011 Silver Award - Outstanding Section Design

  • 2011 Bronze Award - Outstanding Spanish





"Dreamygirl's Field of Wishes"

art exhibitions

I make art because it's something that I have found that can tell a story, be a route to reach my childhood, to be a place where everything is possible, a place where I have found myself, and where we can speak with others using a language written in lines and color".

  • WINTER ART FESTIVAL 2015. Group Exhibition. North Las Vegas City Hall. Las Vegas, NV, US

  • NO HAY QUINTO MALO [THERE'S NO BAD FIFTH]  2014.  Group  Exhibition.  Consulate of Mexico in Las Vegas. Las Vegas, NV, U.S.

  • IMAGININGS THROUGH ILLUSTRATIONS 2013.  Group  Exhibition. "The Historic Fifth Street School". Las Vegas, NV, U.S.

  • 4 DA KIDZ 2011-2014.  Art Exhibition & Book Signing at Las Vegas Valley Book Festival. Las Vegas, NV, U.S.

  • @ FIRST FRIDAY 2009.  Solo Exhibition. “The Art Factory”. The Arts District, Las Vegas, NV, U.S.

  • THE FLYING DAYS 2004. Solo Exhibition. “The Funk House” Gallery. The Arts District, Las Vegas, NV, U.S.

  • THE FLYING DAYS 2003. Solo Exhibition.  The Grotto Gallery. West Sahara Library, Las Vegas, NV, U.S.

  • THE NEW WORK 2001.  Solo Exhibition.  Seven Rings Gallery. Las Vegas, NV, U. S.

  • DECALOGO DE SENTIRES [DECALOGUE OF FEELINGS] 1997. Solo Exhibition. Museum of Archeology. Mazatlán, Sin., MX.

  • ALLENDE EL CIELO AQUI EN EL SUELO [BEYOND THE SKY, HERE IN THE SOIL] 1996. Solo Exhibition. “Angela Toledo” Cultural House Center. Escuinapa, Sin., MX.

  • PLASTICA SINALOENESE [ARTIST OF SINALOA] 1996. Group Exhibition. “Carlos Olachea” Art Gallery. La Paz, BCS, MX.

  • SEMANAS CULTURALES [CULTURAL WEEKS] 1996. Group Exhibition.  Cultural Spaces DIFOCUR. Culiacán, Sin, MX.


  • DE SUEÑOS, MAROMA Y TRAZOS [DREAMS, ACROBATICS AND DRAWINGS] 1996. Solo Exhibition. “Casa de la Cultura” Art Gallery. Mazatlán, Sin., MX.

  • PINTURA=PINTURA [PAINTING=PAINTING] 1995. Group Exhibition.  “Club Balboa”.  Mazatlán, Sin., MX.

  • TRIBUTO AL PESCADOR [TRIBUTE TO FISHERMAN] 1995. Group Exhibition. “Casa Pacifica” Gallery. Mazatlán, Sin., MX.

  • DIAS DE ALQUIMIA [DAYS OF ALCHEMY] 1994. Solo Exhibition. “Clave”  Art Gallery.  Guadalajara, Jal., MX.

  • PINTALO EN REDONDO [PAINTING IN ROUND] 1992. Group Exhibition. Painting on Clay Plates.   “Centenario” Cultural Center. Guadalajara, Jal., MX.

  • NOCHE LLENA [FULL NIGHT]  1991. Solo Exhibition. “Las Calas”  Cultural Center. Guadalajara, Jal., MX.


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